Beware of this Sweetener

One day I went to the tea store to purchase my favourite tea because I ran out. This usually happens every three or four months. Recently I notice that agave syrup was a hot seller at the front desk of my favourite tea shop. I asked them what this was and they said that it was the next new healthy sweetener. I give it some thought and further investigated the bottle and found that the syrup is actually the nectar from the cactus plant. I can purchase it by one home to look on the net because I was really curious. I was thinking, could this be my new replacement for honey?

Upon further investigation I notice that from reading that the nectar is actually more a lab generated syrup of fructose. And apparently does not have any of the nutrients from the cactus. It is so processed and all fructose that it is basically unhealthy. It is deftly not on my radar.
Some of the websites even mention that we agave nectar sold in commercial outlets have anywhere from 50 to 95% fructose.  I’m thinking this is crazy because they marketed it as being very good for us.  But that’s the nature of advertisement in the United States.  The consumers are the ones who need to do research but the majority do not have the time to do this because they expect the food companies to not mislead us.  This nectar juice is basically even worse than that of any processed sugar there is.  It is almost like drinking those 711 slurpies cold drinks.  Nevermind my last article on chilli peppers being healthy, this is bigger news that I have learnt so far.

The consumer has to know that fructose is so bad because this ingredient is pretty much found in many food products.  It increases our hypertension and does not help those who are suffering from diabetes.  The only alternative to have your tea sweetened is my go to honey(organic of course) and I’ve been looking into Stevia(basically an herb).  But only use it sparingly every day.
02/16/2017 23:32:53
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