Exercise is boring - Some Tips



The toughest part about exercising is doing it. The biggest problem for many is the motivation to get yourself up. When you do start exercising, another issue is that it is god damn boring.

What you have to understand that it doesn’t have to be boring, all you have to do a physical activity that is fun. Going for walks, joining a sports team rec, and simply partnering up with a friend or family member.
One key component is to vary your physical activity, this will keep things exciting, by making it stimulating for you. Change is always good and you will be more motivated. Start off with something simple and fun like just walking 10 minutes around the block. Gradually increase the minutes each time you go for a walk. A good amount of walking is 30-45 minutes. Do not jump right into some crazy intense exercise program or else you will burn out or worse, give up.

Another issues with exercising is that we are too tired to do it because of the busy lives that we live in. This needs to stop, as it is a bad cycle. When you don’t exercise and sitting at a desk job all day, this actually makes you even more tired. Exercising will give you an energy boost throughout your work day.

Do you ever feel groggy or sleepy sometimes on a Wednesday aka hump day? I guaranteed you will feel better if exercising is part of you’re your life. You will also sleep better at night and getting that precious REM sleep.
11/13/2015 01:24:37
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