Extreme Eczema Cures for Toddler

Eczema Face

Eczema Face

Recently a new story from the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom published a story of a young boy where his eczema caused so much pain which resulted in the toddler wearing a suit.

He was diagnosed with eczema within the first week of his birth and the condition got worse over the weeks to the point where the wounds were bleeding.  The parents tried many treatments to no avail.  Currently he is being treated with antibiotics because of an infection caused by eczema indirectly.  As of today, there is no such cure, only remedies to keep eczema at bay.  You can read more on understanding different solutions of Eczema at battleeczema.com
At night he has to sleep with a special suit to prevent him from scratching.  The tough part is the parents having to deal with child with extreme eczema because they feel the helplessness of their baby.

He also has trouble sleeping at night which causes him to gets sick easily.  Having a healthy sleep helps with building a stronger immunity.  Sometimes he can’t even walk and it’s difficult for the parents to put clothing and shoes on him without him feeling pain.

The parents are trying to raise funds in order to hire a private specialist in order to perform special treatment/therapy.  The toddler also has the older brother who does his best to comfort him by cuddling and hugging him.  He also tries to help with putting cream and putting him to sleep.

Many of the comments of the story have mentioned several remedies that I wanted to point out.  Some of them involve diet, such as the limiting yogurt and milk and in taking in healthier foods.  Cotton clothing is recommended as clothing because it is easier for skin to breathe and does not cause any irritation.  Another good one is making your child have a positive outlook on life or in other words preventing stress.  This sounds hard to do but it is actually is key component in severe flare-ups. 

If you can minimize stress then Eczema is less severe (More info at WebMD).Eczema is a condition that affects millions of people from around the world and has been growing percentagewise throughout the Western world. 
Toddler Eczema

Toddler Eczema

11/13/2015 01:03:29
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