Interesting Myths about Healthy Foods

Most people think that granola is a healthy choice in the morning but on the contrary it depends which kind. What I mean by this is the granola that you buy in stores are usually loaded with tons of sugar. It is comparable to that of eating a cake or your favourite chocolate chip cookie. The granola that you purchase are usually prepackaged in stores and are considered by nutritionists is basically a desert. The best option is to purchase on swing granola in bulk.
Some other myths according to Food network and Washington Post have mentioned that evaporate cane shoes, a glove a and date sugar is no more healthier than that of your normal sugar.  Secondly sea salt is on par with table salt in terms of healthiness, if that is even a word.

From the same article they do mention that it is a fact that process meet can cause or increase the risk of cancer.

Lastly the mention that detoxing diets is probably unnecessary.  They say that exercising with sweat of course, and drinking water will help detoxify the body in a natural way.  You must include a diet of high fibers as well to help with digestion.  And obviously is best to avoid smoking, processed food and minimal drinking of alcohol.
09/04/2016 05:53:56
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