More Exercise For Teens

New results from a study from the Journal Epideminology Cancer, have shown that female who exercise just little over an hour a week have less risk in many common health issues later in life as well as possibly cancer.
The study looked at females between 40-70 years old for 13 year and based on the follow up stats have shown a reduction in death by 15 percent from all health causes and by 16 percent from cancer.

The study is based on 75000 females from Shanghai, China and the researchers believe the results are universally no matter where you live. The study started way back in 1996 and it is recommended to start exercising at a young age especially at least during the teen years. And 1 hour a week is not a lot to ask for especially if the person is effective by a genetic underlining condition.

The importance of exercise in junior/high schools is no surprise as many schools have been more focus oriented on providing students with physical activity programs. Many schools in America have also banned soft drinks and implemented a healthier menu at cafeterias.
11/13/2015 01:26:25
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