No excuses if you want to exercise

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If you're too tired to exercise that isn't a good excuse. You may have a tough 95 job we work overtime or you may be raising young kids at home so you will feel tired. You have to understand that exercise will provide that burst of energetic moments that can last for hours. You just have to have that mentality to know that in to focus that.
All you have to do is take it easy and start by just walking around the block for say 5 to 10 minutes.  Take the kids with you if they're young and put them in the carriage.  Or even better yet put on some of your favourite dance music from years ago and start dancing with the kids.  Not an easy one to do that doesn't take long is yoga.  All of these will provide you the energy you need but you have to overcome thought of not doing exercise when you're tired.  Just think of the benefits of the energy that will be produce as well as the long-term health benefits.

Just try to make it a priority even when you have kids is a must because the last thing you want is to have a health issues in later in life.  Just think of the kids when they get older and get married and have their own children, as you want to be around for that.  Take that as a motivation as well.

Another tip is to talk to your spouse about swapping time with the kids after work so both of you are able to put in some physical activities.  As mentioned in the early paragraph do things as a family like putting on the music and dance together, or just go outside and kick the ball around or shoot some hoops.  It will help with the family bonding as well.

And also remember you have to also eat well too to complement the exercise.  We recommend a diet that is full of veggies!
07/03/2016 23:40:23
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