One Chicken Farmer is Changing the world to Feed us

The chicken we eat in North America provides us with a protein necessary for our needs. Recently many are concerned about the antibiotics and type of feed that are used to grow these chickens. It is not a secret that most or the majority of of the chicken we purchase at the market have some sort antibiotics in them. The only escape is to purchase organically or from a local farmer who uses natural feeds. This can be a bit pricey.
Going back to the point of local farmers using alternative feeds, well I am happy to say that there are several who are doing this in the United States.  One particular farmer in state of Pennsylvania is trying to avoid following this dangerous trend of adding antibiotics.  This alternative feeds that he is using is quite extraordinary.  You may be shocked by this but he uses oregano oil.  Apparently there is proof that it has natural antibacterial properties at a potent level even greater than that of pills.  There is a price to pay because it is indeed expensive.  This farmer also treats all his farm animals humanely by providing the room and a healthy natural diet.  His farm is getting quite successful because you have to understand consumers want clean and healthy food.  They are willing to pay the price but I would as well because I do want my kids to have a great future and health is number one. 

He also add cinnamon to the oregano oil in order to provide the appropriate supplement for the chickens and he makes it a habit to constantly clean the living space and the slaughter area.  This is unlike those YouTube videos floating around where chickens are thrown into slaughter machines and are still partially alive on top of the terrible unsanitary conditions.

Hopefully this will be the go to model for many farmers.  As of right now there is research on going on the benefits of using cinnamon and oregano oil as a livestock feed.  Researchers are looking at using a similar ingredient to other animals and have been testing primarily with pigs.  The first round of results have been really promising as many of the pigs have a less degree of infections and illnesses.  More research will be ongoing throughout the decade and hopefully things will change.  Half my family are vegetarians and I’ve been tempted because of the way animals are treated.  But I cannot because of my conditions where I need a lot of protein, but I feel a lot better when farmers like this guy from Pennsylvania we do things the right way.
03/09/2017 23:33:52
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