Pokeman is Making People Active

The craze of Pokémon is not stopping anytime soon. Nowadays you will find doughnuts shaped as Pokémon balls and other characters. Even on the hottest days this popular mobile game has got millions of players outdoors before stops and gyms. Bars, restaurants and theme parks have been getting lots of traffic and business because of this game.
As mentioned the game has spurred bakeries to create donuts and cookies based on some of the objects in the game. The goal is to entice people to come to their business.

This zoo in Phoenix is apparently a haven for activity for this Pokémon go game. The crazy thing is that the temperature can reach up to 112° on some days. The zoo decided to open much earlier at six in the morning because they realize people want to come earlier during the cooler time.
08/27/2016 06:30:34
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