Spicy chili peppers and human longevity

chilli peppers.jpg
A group of researchers discovered that chili peppers have a big secret ingredient that help to increase human life. The researchers from the University of Vermont looked at data of over 15,000 Americans from a 20 year period discover that those little chili flakes, oh yes was red ones, was linked to a low risk of being deceased by 13%.
The evidence of consuming spicy vegetable and its benefits has been growing in the past few years.  This study only adds to it.  Looking at it scientifically red chili flakes have a component that is called capsaicin.  This component is a anti-inflammatory along with being an anticancer element.  Furthermore capsaicin can help with weight loss and has antimicrobial properties.

The research is leading to other studies by looking at the subtypes of chili peppers to see if there is further evidence which will help lead to a new diet recommendation and therapy.

What needs to be careful is that is spicy diet has its benefits but can cause individuals issues if he or she has gastrointestinal issues.  This can complicate things and it is advisable for that person to avoid a very spicy diet.  Others who should avoid spicy food are those with ulcers and digestive problems.

01/18/2017 23:22:34
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