What is so Good About this Vinegar Variety?

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Our body needs to function properly in the fuel is nutrients and minerals that we get from foods.  Without this fuel were more likely to suffer from sicknesses, health issues and bone weakness. These essentials can be supplied to the body only through proper food intake.

Eating different food items is just as important as consuming healthy food items.  Variety is sometimes key because the body can be bored of the same healthy foods that you consume.  First of all, people should understand the nutritious benefits of each food so that they can take accordingly.

Educate yourself is the main point I’m trying to put across.  Each food item will be rich in certain essentials and also be careful of overdoing it. Therefore it is best to choose accordingly and switch up your meals once in a while and lay off the unhealthy food (processed food).

Apple cider vinegar

One of the super food which is called as nutritious power house is apple cider vinegar.  Vinegar is most commonly found in most of the kitchens but apple cider vinegar is not yet common.  The popularity has increased so many health conscious individuals are purchasing it more often than years past.

The creation of apple vinegar goes through two rounds of fermentation where it forms enzymes.  These enzymes are strongly known for its health benefits.
One of important fact about this vinegar is that it should be taken only with water or juice because direct intake will affect the intestine or digestive tract. It should be diluted since it contains acetic acid.  It can be use as a salad dressing, and if you add some spice, you can make a mean but good flavor.

Uses of apple cider vinegar - health benefit wise

Make sure to mix it with water and used after meals for hear burn cure.  Just a table spoon of apple cider vinegar with purified water is enough.
  •  It removes toxins from the body and regulates bowel movement.. Detoxification is done in faster manner.
  •  It clears blemishes from skin and benefits the skin with smooth appearance and texture.  This is when it is applied directly but make sure to mix it with water specifically the Stillwater.
  •  It cures discomfort in the joints.
  •  It is one of the most preferred for weight loss as it breaks down fat contents in the body and enables the body to utilize the fat instead of accumulating it. That is why it is found it most of the fitness or weight loss regime.  Try using it in a salad vinaigrette.
  •  Apple cider Vinegar regulates glucose level and also maintains blood pressure.
  • Can be used to help heal Eczema wounds, but be careful with the vinegar to water ratio or when using on young infants(please consult a doctor or dermatologist first).  It may be too stingy for many. 

Diabetes is one of the major issues that many people have been suffering from. Such people can use Apple Cider Vinegar/Water mix because it reduces the blood sugar levels and it is being used an ideal choice for maintaining sugar levels.

This is also used for removing dandruff and apperently works well for many. Those that suffer from dandruff apply this before shampooing by mixing it with water.  To get the right ratio please visit a Dandruff forum.
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